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Welcome to the BizReef Help Center -

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A] How the Freelance Marketplace works

B] Buying at BizReef

C] Opening and running a Freelance business in BizReef

D] Cashier Questions

How the Freelance Marketplace works

What is BizReef online service market place?
BizReef connects customers and Freelancers. Buyers have infinite possibilities in choosing the right service for them with the comfort of having each Freelancer rated and their money placed in escrow to ensure work is completed. Do you want to open a Freelancer Profile in BizReef? It takes about 5 minutes and it's completely free. Freelancers focus on what they do best without the need to hire programmers, connecting money processors, buying rack space and more. BizReef gives Freelancers the premier platform to do business and easily reach potential customers.
What is BizReef's phone advice?
BizReef provides its users and experts the ability to talk on the phone based on a minute fee. As a customer you see the profile of the expert after you press call you can start talking to the expert.
What are the advantages of buying on BizReef?
+ Every service you buy is rated.
+ Funds are safe in escrow until you approve that you have received the work that you paid for.
+ You can easily find the Freelancers you need, view their profiles and even view an introductory video.
+ Choose a Freelancer from the country you want, in the language you speak.
+ Your credit card details are never exposed to the Freelancer and are safeguarded using the latest encryption technology.
+ No need to register at each business you contact, you only sign up once on BizReef.
+ Freelancers are transparent, you can see their BizReef earnings of the past months.
+ No spam. No spyware. You'll never receive marketing material from BizReef Freelancers as they don't have your email address.
What is BizReef's commission?
BizReef takes 8.9% commission from the freelance for every for evey work closed. BizReef pays Visa/PayPal/MasterCard and all other processors from that. For example a work closed for $200, BizReef will take $17.8 comission and Freelance will be paid $182.2.
What kind of services does BizReef provide?
BizReef doesn't offer services directly to customers but rather allows Freelancers to sign up at BizReef and provides free advertisement, money processing, transactions handling, application hosting and more: a complete solution for the Freelance. Freelancers are rated by the customers and customers are rated by the Freelancers, this provides a safe environment for both Freelancers and customers.
How do I pay for services I buy at BizReef?
You can pay via credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout.
BizReef is a trustee for the funds until you get the service you paid for.
Who is responsible for the services or products I buy at BizReef?
The Freelancer you bought the services from is responsible but BizReef gives you all the information you need in order to make a decision: rating, comments from other customers and escrow on the money.
How does BizReef earn money if everything is free?
BizReef charges the Freelancer a commission off the fee for the finished work, therefore the Freelancer is only charged if it sold a service.

Buying at BizReef

Who rates the Freelancers in BizReef?
Customers who order a service rate the Freelancer and leave comments. Before ordering a service from BizReef Freelancers, we suggest you review the Freelancer's rating.
How can I be sure the provider won't try to take my money without completing the work?
The Freelancer you buy the service from will receive your money only after you approve you got what you ordered.
What kind of services can be found in BizReef?
To view the complete list of services available, please go to the main page of BizReef.
Why is BizReef safer to buy than other online stores?
Freelancers in BizReef don't see your credit card details or any of your personal details. In addition, the money you pay is placed in escrow until the Freelancer provides the service you paid for.
Can I buy services and sell services at the same time in BizReef?
Yes, we recommend you to do so in order to learn and understand the needs of online customers.
How do I search and order the service I need?
First choose the category you're interested in, browse through the offered services and select the one that suits you. If you can't find the service you are looking for, open a project and BizReef Freelancers will bid on it. It's that simple!
Do I pay BizReef or the Freelancer I buy the service from?
You pay BizReef only. BizReef escrows the funds until both the Freelancer and the customer confirm that the job is done. Disputes go through a fast arbitration process.

Opening and running a Freelance business in BizReef

How does a BizReef Freelance business work?
First you need to sign up, then create a Freelance profile. At this stage you open a service profile for every service your business offers. You can also bid on projects that customers have posted on BizReef.
How much does it cost to open a Freelance Business?
Creating a Freelance profile is completely free in BizReef and it only takes a few minutes.
How will my Freelance business attract customers?
BizReef brings customers to your Freelance business for free, these are customers who are looking for Freelancers in BizReef. You can also advertise your BizReef business on the web. We recommend Google Adwords and Yahoo! Overture.
Can I advertise my new Freelance business?
Yes, you can also advertise your BizReef Freelance business on the web. We recommend Google Adwords and Yahoo! Overture.
What are the advantages of a BizReef Freelance business?
BizReef's main advantages for Freelancers:
+ Free & Simple: Open a Freelance business in 5 minutes, anyone can offer their services.
+ Easy: Concentrate on your job expertise and let BizReef will take care of money processing, business site, customers and management tools.
+ Full solution: Offer services and advice in the same platform (advice by live chat & phone as well).
+ Your profile: Define your fields of expertise and display an introduction video.
+ Service profiles: Add services to your account, with examples for each specific service you offer.
+ Dynamic ordering form: Create your own ordering form that fits your service.
+ 18 currencies and multi languages support (coming soon) means your customers feel as if they were buying right in their own country.
+ Get paid in your own currency.
How much does it cost to post a new service?
Posting a new service is completely free.
Is my BizReef business like any other business?
Yes, after opening a BizReef business you have all the advantages of a regular business without the overhead charges associated with running a regular business.
How does a Freelancer get paid?
Freelancers can choose between several payment methods: PayPal or a check in their local currency.

Cashier Questions

How can I deposit money to BizReef as a customer?
You can pay via credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout.
BizReef is a trustee for the funds until you receive the service you paid for.
Is it safe to use my credit card in BizReef?
Using your credit card in BizReef is safer then using your credit card in a supermarket or ordering over the phone. We use the highest available encryption levels used by banks and other financial institutions.
How do I get paid in BizReef as a Freelancer?
To view the available methods for your country, register at BizReef and click Cashier > Withdraw.
Does BizReef support multiple currencies?
As of now, BizReef supports 18 currencies and converts each service to the local currency of the customer according to the daily exchange rate. Both customers and Freelancers use their local currency only.
Can I accept customers from all over the world?
Yes, you decide to which countries to offer your service, we'll take care of the rest.
Do I need to connect my BizReef business to Visa? PayPal? or Google Checkout?
No, we have already done it for you.




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